Security Glossary

The Security Glossary explains nearly 200 terms from the world of security and fire services. Entries include terms such as alarm response,  fire classification and guard tour systems. You can learn what abbreviations such as FAR or UPS stand for and find information on the various methods of biometric identification.

The Security Glossary was compiled by specialists with many years of practical experience in security and fire services. The glossary is constantly checked and updated by Dussmann Service editors.


:: airport security

Airports are obliged to prepare an individual security program. The European directive EG 2320/2002 prescribes intensive security checks of  passengers and hand luggage to prevent terrorists from entering airplanes.  :: mehr

:: magnetic door lock

A magnetic lock consists of an electromagnet attached to the door frame and an armature plate on the door. The magnetic force holds the door shut. Its advantage over a mechanical lock is that it is easy to install,  fast to operate for doors that are used frequently and withstands substantial mechanical force. However, they are seldom used for high-security purposes as interruption of the power supply disrupts function.  :: mehr

:: zone

An area with defined perimeters for the purposes of placing alarm sensors, coordinating patrol activities or facilitating access control.  :: mehr